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No Compromise is a band that leads worship each Sunday at Crkva Cjelovitog Evanđelja (Church of the Full Gospel) in Zagreb, Croatia. In 2002, Bonnie Dučić took over leadership of the band and God began giving her worship music in Croatian that she felt should be shared with all Croatian churches. No Compromise began recording worship albums in their own language (in Croatian). This third, newly-released worship project is special in that it's been produced not only in Croatian but also in English, so that they can share the music that God has given them on an even larger, international scale. The members of our worship band are: Worship Leader/Keyboards: Bonnie Dučić Lead Guitar: Damir Lipošek- Kex Acoustic Guitar: Filip Dučić Bass Guitar: Mario Šehić Drums: Luka Dučić BVG: Saša Vezmar and Divna Dučić

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About 5 years ago No Compromise began talking about recording again. It had been about 11 years since their last album, and they felt that God has not given them this music simply to keep it to themselves. They talked about recording in English (even though their music is written in Croatian) so that they'd have a larger reach. At first they did a trial run of 2 songs in the studio, recording them in both Croatian and English, and were so pleased with the result that they decided to attempt an entire album. Around this same time, their home church, Church of the Full Gospel, decided to purchase the facility they've been renting. This will be the first time that their church has ever owned its own place of worship, and they began realzing that God had had a purpose for their album the entire time. No Compromise is donating 100% of the proceeds from their worship CD, Enter into Your Victory, to the purchase of their church's facility.

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